Friday, January 22, 2010

Norebang...what, what!

Dear Korea,

Sorry I've been away for so long. I'm back and I will try to make sure my time spent away from you is limited.
After three weeks of ridiculousness in Thailand and two weeks of winter camp with my students I've barely had time to tell you how much I've missed you.
Let me just say I love the fact that our school year runs from March to December. Right now I get a chance to veg out, work on my Korean and I'm  thinking of taking up Tae Kwon Do. My work schedule for the past two weeks consisted of two and a half hrs of teaching starting at 2:30. Now if that isnt a cake walk I dont know what is. Over winter camp a few of my students asked me to go to norebang with them. Of course any chance to send to spend time with my strangee Korean students I jump at. So today we made our way to norebang and sang our hearts out to K-pop, the Black Eyed Peas, Brittany Spears, and Lady Gaga. It was definitely good times. Afterwards we made our way for samgapsal for the lunchee. Mashisoyo! Over lunch my students said " teacher you are so beautiful, you are of mixed blood?" " We are the envy!" I smile and say thank you and giggle. Did I mention I love my students. We exchanged words for things on the table. I told them the English they told me the Korean as we stuffed our faces. As we finished and went to the register  to cash out. I pay as is the Korean tradition because I am the eldest students say " Oh Teachuh you are so generous! So, we will take you for the beverage" and they took me for coffee at a nearby cafe. All in all it was a good morning. Asaaaa! Now off to Seoul to get my hair did. Until next time Korea. Chalga!


Ps. please tell your fellow country men to stop requesting Michael Jackson's Heal the World every time they go to norebang!

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