Sunday, January 31, 2010

Train rides,baby perms and transit

So as Kate and I take our weekly ride on the blue line toward Seoul we always encounter strangee characters. I'm usually un-phased but when I see children with perms I have to say something. I'm not sure if you are aware of this fact,but Koreans LOVE their perms! I said "Oh Kate look at that curly haired baby!"  " Tiffany you know that's a perm.. .right?" " No that baby's not even walking yet" I said " Who would perm a toddler's hair?" I asked " It's Korea, Tiffany!" Kate scoffed.
Really? Now, correct me if  I'm wrong but I dont think a three year old looked in the mirror and said " Oh-ma I'm not feeling so fly... how about a perm and a dye jo to give me a little something extra, I want to be the it girl at the hagwon".
PSA:Dear Korean parents please stop perming and dying your toddler's hair. It is  unhealthy and unatural! Even though some Koreans turn up their noses at processed hair they all know deep in their hearts they will eventually succumb to the undeniable pull of the Perm.It's so bad, that I've seen the balding adjuma with over processed perms  which looks like dog fur as a result of dying and hardcore perming since preschool. It is an epidemic and it needs to stop.
One of my favorite things about riding the Korean metro is the appearance of multiple " transit entrepreneurs" selling everything from sunglasses, gloves, tights, to AM/FM radios with USB capabilities. I think if I get more Korean under my belt I may indeed take up a weekend job as a transit entrepreneur selling various Korean goods such as cell phone charms, purses, squid snacks and all things sparkly.  I think I could make a killing. An agishi was pimping am/fm mp4 players with USB capabilites for only i man won! What a steal! He even broke out his jazzy pant suit letting his potential customers he meant business. Asaaaaa! Maybe he and I culd go into business together selling discount children's perms to Korean mothers...What do you think?

Confucius say: If it breathes... it can indeed be permed

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