Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let them eat cake! ((from a rice cooker))

So, the other day I was surfing the net for useless things.

I was updating Facebook, when I saw a link in my newsfeed that a friend had posted. Usually  I disregard " Did you know..." posts. However this one caught my eye. It was 27 things you can make in your rice cooker. Hmmm... interesting. I live in Shanghai , and am lacking an oven. I'm always looking for new and interesting alternatives to stovetop cooking. So I checked it out.  Steamed veggies, tofu, stirfry and cake! WTF?!?! Cake you say? ::eye brow raised::  They had my attention. I told my wife about it. She gave me the yeah right look and said cake? in a  tone of disbelief.
So me being the nerd that I am, I googled it. I researched videos, and numerous recipes.
There seemed to be the whole culture of rice cooker baking that I had just tapped into. So last night when my insomnia set in I turned to Toya and said "wanna try making that cake?" she smiled, shrugged and said "Okay" with excitement in her voice.

Reason #237 why I married her : She's always game for late night shenanigans. I can just see us doing this with our kids then frosting and decorating the cake as a family.

I snapped out of my  this is why  I love my wife moment and went back online and found the instructions for rice cooker " baking".  I then ran to the store for eggs. We brought boxed cake mix and frosting back from the states, so it took the guess work out of following the recipe.
We whipped up the batter, oiled our rice cooker pan, poured the batter into the rice cooker and hit cook. Minutes later the apartment smelled like a bakery. We checked the rice cooker and to our surprise ... EUREKA!!! Houston, we have cake!
It was exciting. We gave our rice cooker "baked" cake a few more minutes in the heater and voila!
We let it sit to cool for a few minutes,  then took the rice pot/pan out of the rice cooker and flipped the cake onto a cutting board. The cake slid out easily. It was fluffy, moist, and smelled amazing. I frosted and decorated the cake, and in minutes it was ready for late night cake snacking. Step aside Easybake Oven hello Rice cooker!

Until next time...

Rice cooker cake mini video

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