Saturday, August 3, 2013

Headed in a new direction

Hello there bloggerverse!

It's been more than a while. To say I've been negligent would be a gross understatement.
Fighting with VPNs, resigning myself to the fact the China's internet and lack of available wifi hotspots pails in comparison to Korea, all while adjusting to Chinese life has proved more arduous than expected. I will most apologetically have to post my numerous videos and "Oh China" mini posts saved on my IPad of the last year.

This year has been a transformative one to say the least. I turned 30, moved to China with my AMAZING girlfriend who 2 months later I proposed to, and 8 crazy whirlwind months after that we  hoped on a plane flew back across the world and were married in Central Park in New York City.
So I guess you're wondering, blah blah, blah! So you're married what the hell does that have to do with travel and living in Asia?
Let me explain. I am a black,married,lesbian living in China. Wait for it...( eyebrows raised)  Yeah, that's the response of most people. I know, that's a whole lot of "other" in such a homogeneous society.
So as a Black,Married Lesbian living in China, I figured it's time to document these experiences. I know there are other LGBT women of color living , loving, traveling and working overseas. I've met some of them. But the problem is no one is blogging about it. So here's my chance. Here's our forum.
Yes, I've talked about the ridiculousness of living in Asia, as well as the trials and triumphs that I've experienced.
However, after attempting to research more about the illusive mythical creature known as LGBT Expat,
 I've noticed that there is an absolute lack of the Black,Queer Expat experiences being documented.
Where are the women of color talking about their lives, loves and insatiable wanderlust?

It's time for a new direction for the blog. I will still share my/our experiences living in China and the ridiculousness that it entails but I will also address issues that are relevant in our lives such as "As Queer Married women of color , is living in China conducive for  our careers? for starting a family? for our rights?  And if not, where will we move next?  what are the challenges that face us?"
Over the next 24 months in Shanghai, my wife and I will be sharing our lives with you.

So with that, I breathe new life into Serendipitous Adventurer and am I excited to bring you along as we embark on a new journey as The Roses in Shanghai

Until next time...

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