Friday, August 23, 2013

Fortune favors the BOLD!

As Americans in Shanghai, there are times when you crave Sweet & Sour chicken, a carton of Shrimp friend rice or even Crab Rangoons.
I know you're thinking  "Why American-Chinese food in China? "Well frankly, because I'm American and I LIKE it dammit, so there.
We all know these dishes are not traditional Chinese and damn sure not even traditional Shanghainese. But honestly I get enough of authentic China on a daily basis. I want delicious! Sometimes I'm not in the mood to play the Let me guess what animal part this is? game,Which is something I do frequently when eating out in China.
After living in Shanghai for over a year and having had more culinary disasters  than triumphs as most foodies encounter here, Toya and I would find ourselves on lazy weekends craving American-Chinese food.
 We'd flip through the Sherpas catalogue, hoping to find something to tantalize the taste buds,and make my gums spring a leak, but to no avail.
My wife and I recently returned from being stateside for a month and checked out the local expat websites for articles and tips on new spots that had opened while were we away.
As I clicked on a new eats link, my eyes widened and I urgently called Toya into the living "Baaaaaby there is American-Chinese restaurant that opened like 15 mins from us! We are so going!" Since they're closed on Sundays, the next afternoon we screen captured the address in Chinese from Google, got dressed, and hailed a taxi.
We arrived  at the building, and unlike most new restaurants in Shanghai,we didn't need a treasure map and a sherpa to help us find it. The directions were accurate and their sign is big and clear in the lobby.
We hopped in the elevator and headed for the fourth floor.

Neon lights, American style take-out boxes lined over the bar  and eclectic tunes buzzed overhead as we walked through the doors. Fung Lam has made the ultime playlist. I found myself Shamazing every few minutes between stuffing my mouth with those delicious crispy noodles.
One of the owners David Rossi greeted and seated us.  Clean modern furnishings, funky display of ingredients used in menu dishes on colorful shelves, an open kitchen, and friendly staff.
They have a limited menu, but in this case people... less is more. Their menu is not overwhelming like the ones back home. They've picked a number of American-Chinese favorites and make them to order with quality ingredients. So far we've tried their small plate dumplings and spring rolls,  the Orange Chicken,  Shrimp Fried Rice, Shrimp Chow Fun,  and Wonton Soup. Oh and did I mention their in-house made Duck Sauce and refillable basket of light crispy noodles when you are seated? Nom Nom Nom!
We've been back to Fortune Cookie three times so far. Each time the service is impeccable. From water glasses being refilled before you even realize you're thirsty again,  the freshness of our meals to the friendliness of the staff and owners. We've had time to sit and chat with Fung and David.
They are genuine guys who truly seem to love what they do. They're in the kitchen, hosting, checking on meal quality, and taking time to talk to guests. I'm glad to say it's not  your generic"ten minute, be right back " spot that you're used to.  At Fortune Cookie, the food is fresh, made to order and "punch your mom in the face good. And of course you can get take-out in very kitch take-out boxes complete with Fortune cookies. If you're an expat living in Shanghai or just visiting, take a trip down to Fortune Cookie get some great eats and tell David and Fung  that Tiffany & Toya Rose say hi!
Until next time....

Fortune Cookie

11.30am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11.30am-11pm Fri-Sat.
Telephone 6093 3623
Metro Changshu Lu
English address Fourth Floor, 83 Changshu Lu, near Julu Lu, Jingan district

Chinese address 签语饼 静安区常熟路83号4楼, 近巨鹿路

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