Monday, November 22, 2010

Out of sight out of mind?

티파니 who?
As I have finally made a solid group of friends here who are not creepers, douche bags or *LHBs ( Losers Back Home ) thanks TS. I've started to wonder about friends and fam stateside. I know I've heard that saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." but I know for most people it's " Out of sight, Out of Mind".
Now dont get me wrong  I absolutely love my SoKo fam! I'm over-joyed to have such a great group of awesome, genuine people to hang with. It's always nice to have to kindred spirits to kick it with, crack jokes, eat delicious food with, and gripe about life in Korea.
However I wonder about my friends across the pond!  I miss being a part of their daily lives and them being a part of mine. I miss being their shoulders to cry on, or the first person they call when something ridiculous has happened. I am reduced to emails, and SKYPE :( I some times ( Ok a lot of the time)  feel out of the loop. Their lives are changing and I'm not there for it :( (Facebook updates just aren't enough) I guess that's the price you pay living overseas. I try my best to skype and call as much as possible. My new resolution is to write more. Whatever happened to letter writing? We've become so disconnected in the digital age, sending a quick IM or email. We've forgotten how nice it is to get something by snail mail. Going to the mailbox, seeing a hand written letter with your name on it. almost 30 and I still get excited about the mail. What good is Korea with all these damn stationary stores if I dont send a letter? So if you want to be my pen pal ( I know it's real gay) inbox me your addy and I'll send some snail mail your way. Lots of love from Soko to all my friends and loved ones statside. Can't wait to see you all!
Don't forget about me. Unitl next time...

Confucius say:  Emails are crap but letters are forever or can be used for toilet paper in 3rd world countries. It's all about perspective!

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  1. I am soooo there with you Tiffany! Although "I too" appreciate how blessed we are to have great friends here, I often feel out of the loop back home as well! It isn't the same, and never will be...but, on a very positive note..YOU will be the better for it! Traveling allows you to grow as an individual; with each new experience and relationship with people from all around the world...YOU gain a greater understanding of the potential of the human spirit, and the strength of your own! *^^* Although we haven't seen much of eachother lately, you are always in my thoughts and in my heart! I am so happy we in SK <3
    Love Stacy ^^