Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are two bags better than three?

So today was an eventful day... I went shopping for luggage not hoping to find anything spectacular. C'mon let's be honest I was shopping for form not fashion.
Aisles and aisles of cute, stylish bags. What they lacked in fuction they definitely made up for in fashion. I told myself... " this is not a fashion show, Diane Von Furstenburg did not design her bags for you to pack a year's worth of your life in. Put the bag down." So I redsigned myself, to the functional bag section. With a deflated sense of excitement I came across what resembles a silver emergency floation device. Reading the label, I learned it was made out of some impenetrable polymer material , it was expandable, and had a seven year warranty( great! because we all know how accident prone I am). Looking back at the DVF luggage I grabbed " The Terminator" and proceeded to the front of the store, when I almost stumbled over 70's print carry on! Eureka! The best of both worlds! I can have "The Terminator " for travel and  "Farrah" for fashion. All is right with the world. Upon arriving home feeling very satisfied with my luggae choices, I open " The Terminator" only to find two other nesting "Terminator" suit cases. Three for the price of one! You cant beat that. So, it reinforeces " The Terminator" was the right choice. So now I will be packing " T1 & T2" for my Korean Adventure.  Oh and of course I stopped off at Super Wal-mart, got lost in the massive consumer's paradise, bought more than I needed, but also picked up the ever useful first aid kit and space bags ( now I'll be able to fit a yr's worth of clothes in T1and I can use T2 for miscellaneous belongings). It's all falling in to place. Gotta love life for those serendipitous moments. So until next time people peace, love and positivity.

*Confucius say: unlike breasts, two bags are always better than three!


  1. Sweet Pea,

    The next chapter in your life has BEST SELLER written all over it! I look forward to a great read.....Live life and remember God never makes mistakes....

    I will take good care of your shoe and purse



  2. Hi Tiffany,
    That was really cute! Glad your mission was accomplished! Just want to wish you all the best on your new adventure. Life is a journey...enjoy the ride. May you be blessed today and always.
    With Love,

  3. Ms. Diva, I will be reading your blogs daily. If you find the secret to youth let me know and send some Jade home.

    Love Grams