Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's my Drink in a Bag baaaby!!!

So in preparation for my journey and amidst packing and deciding what I could donate, I thought about what I could do to make a little extra dinero before jumping the pond.
I thought long and hard about it! I'm way to vain to sell my hair, it's too late to get a part time job @ Target and I don't have a enough rhythm to climb the golden pole and "drop it like its hot!". Alas I was left with few options. Then I came upon the idea to have a Rummage Sale. A little Saturday afternoon make shift thrift store to get rid of everything before moving out on Monday. Why come to my apartment when you could just as easily hit up the Goodwill? What can I offer that the Goodwill can't?
I thought back to my university days and how I hustled up money with "rent parties". Cheap strong drinks for mere dollars, but how would would i get people in the door? Long gone are my early 20's with an abundance of wildly carefree friends,with parents' money to spend. My friends are married with mortgages. So I pondered what would entice a 20 something college student to come to my apartment and drink copious amounts of alcohol and buy my s*%t!
I had almost given up hope of an idea, when as I was skimming through my Thailand adventure pics when it hit me. Eurerka!!! A drink in a bag! Just then my rendition of " It's my d$&k in a Box" began playing in my head.
And then my brainchild was born " It's My Drink In A Bag baaaaby!".
Because nothing says Asia like a good ole fashioned drink in a bag!
So I designed a fun label, got a couple of ziplock bags, a few reinforcement labels, some colorful straws and VOILA! Drink in a bag central! Add a a cup of ice, the cocktail of your choice and there you have a portable party! Now don't go getting carried away people,this is an INSIDE beverage ONLY! The U.S. has silly container laws.
But I've posted a few pics so you can check out my masterpiece. "Rum"mage Sale 2012 should be an event to remember. Don't you just love how my boring rummage sale turned into an event? :) "Rum"mage Sale 2012 will be complete with the selling of all my random stuff,rum infused cupcakes ( complete w/ a Chinese fortunes)rum punch in a bag, and rum jello shots.
And thanks to Square card reader : no cash! No problem! I will be accepting Debit and all major credit cards! Strong drinks and irresponsible shopping go hand in hand. What's not to LOVE?
With flyers posted about Midtown, I'm hoping to get a pretty good turn out.
So whenever you're in need of jazzing up a party or raising extra funds to support your Wanderlust "Drink in a Bag" is a sure fire way to make it happen.
So to my readers and fellow expats eat, drink responsibly,and be merry!
Until next time...

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  1. I hope you didn't sale the most important item... Just throw it in a drawer, again, until i can convince you to place it on your finger again...