Monday, July 23, 2012

For Real!

What now? It's a matter of paper work, selling all of my stuff (once again),  thinking, do I keep this birdcage lamp I bought in Korea? Can a girl have too many pairs of chopsticks? What am I going to take in my two bags this time? And where the hell am I going to put my obscene amount of art supplies?
So as G would say "S&%T is REAL"
I'm under the 30 day mark. I move out of my apartment on Monday, I've given notice to my job, I've sent away for my Visa, posted my car on Craigslist, and I'm about to purchase my airline ticket on Friday. S&%T is most definitely REAL!
I just decided this in what... June? "yeah let's move to CHINA!" and now here I am preparing to head back to Asia. To Communist, eat fried seahorses for fun,mass produce everything sun, no Facebook accessing China.
Not freaking out a bit, not one bit. O_o
A wave of realization hit me this morning on my commute to work" Holy fuck I'm moving to China in 20 days" it's a little surreal. It's different this time around. I'm not running from something or should I say someone.  I have a partner in crime, a fellow serial expat to join me on what looks to be a enlightening, fun-filled and possibly somewhat bizarre experience.
 I am embracing my 30's (Ahhhh  I can't believe I just turned 30!) and I'm creating the life I always wanted for myself. Simple as that.
I don't know what 30 is supposed to look or feel like. I still feel like some spirited 20 something year old, ready to conquer the world. I'm guess 30 is 20 but with a few more dollars in your pocket and hopefully not repeating some of the same mistakes. So I'm hoping that 30 year old me experiences even more this time around and has a blast doing it!
I looked into what to expect from Shanghai. I've only even been to Hong Kong, and that's nothing like mainland China.
I've heard Shanghai is extremely modern somewhere along the lines of being the NYC of the Far East. Overwrought with taxis, a complex metro system, AMAZING knock offs, strange ethnic eats and socially accepted public defecating. Come to think of it's just like New York City. There are foreign marts, IKEA and even Wal-Mart! I must say I'm curious to see how Shanghai measures up to Seoul. Well for that matter I'd like to see how China fares in comparison to South Korea.
Because even though I became very jaded by my Hanguk love as my 2 year stint came to a close, I will forever cherish the countless memories and ridiculous musings that will always be Korea for me. From Ddokbokki to K-Pop and Hangukinim outlandishness, Korea will always have a fond place in my heart.
But from fellow expat blogs and random expat You Tube videos of everyday Shanghainese life, it looks like absolute Chinese shenanigans.  I look forward to documenting utter ridiculousness, creating new memories, and exploring China. If a local explains something as " Ancient Chinese Secret..." I'm going to absolutely lose it!  :)

And just when you think you're all alone, life surprises you. I recently found out that a few of my friends will also be finding themselves in Shanghai in the coming months. A few from the states and a couple throwbacks from Korea. So I have to say I'm pumped to have a small community to call my own in Shanghai. It was unexpected, but serendipitous twists of fate have brought us all together once again to experience something wonderful.
Which even more solidifies that this was the right choice.
So in a few days time I'll have my ticket and all that will be left to do is pack. I will repeat this to myself as I delve into the abyss that is my closet, " You can ONLY take 2 suitcases, You need to pack wisely, You can ONLY take 2 suitcases don't get carried away!"
I promise to ONLY pack the necessities, but I don't know if I can leave my sketch books, colored pencils, or my Korean birdcage lamp behind. :) Don't judge me.

So in memoriam of my dearly departed 20's but anxiously looking forward to what my 30's and Shanghai have in store, I leave you with Youth by Foxes. Turn up the volume and jam out. Pull out the guns if you're feelin' funky! Until next time ...

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  1. Do your thing in Shanghai; write a few books along the way-continue to inspire us all!