Monday, February 7, 2011

Mythbuster Korea!

"So... Tiffany, You still in China? Japan?"
Let's play a game. Shall we?

This is MythBusters and Im Jamie and you're the other guy!      Myth 1: I DO NOT live in Japan or China. I'm in Korea
Korean Peninsula, it is bordered by China to the northwest, Russia to the northeast, and is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and
the Sea of Japan
Myth 2: "You're probably like the tallest person in Korea"
Umm...NO! At a "towering" 5'10 and some change ,I am by far not the tallest person let alone female in Korea. Have you seen Korean Basketball players?

Myth 3: " So you can like get everything bootleg there?  Jordans for $20 and diamonds for $10 right? If I send you some money..."
C'mon people REALLY? You think Koreans are Blinged out Jordan wearers? You've been watching way too much TV. Here's a thought pick up a book or read the BBC news. Koreans are not walking around blinged out sporting the newest 22's. Sorry to burst your bubble. I almost peed myself $10 diamonds!!!! SERIOUSLY? Wtf? Jordans are in import therefore cost more here and diamonds well have you seen the movie Blood Diamond? I am a teacher not a bootlegger! Enough said!

Myth 4: " Korean women are soooo BEAUTIFUL! So docile and subservient"
Once again my friend you've watched Memoirs of a Geisha wayyyyy to many times. Secondly those women were JAPANESE!
The number of beautiful Korean women is just the same as the states, a mixture or "Oh WOW" and "Oh HELL No!"  If I had a shit ton of elective cosmetic surgery all before the age of 21 I'd be a knockout too. However Korean women (well a good portion are quite thin) due tend to dress more chic and take pride in their appearance more so than their Western couterparts. As far as docile goes, if you define docile by whining incesantly and throwing temper tantrums in public then sure go right ahead!

MYTH 5: " Koreans are sooo skinny, it must be because ther eat all that rice and sushi"
What?Once again sushi is JAPAN! Koreans are considered the fatties of Asia.
 News flash ,RICE is NOT a diet food. Actually it's quite the opposite. A fat Korean will see an overweight foreigner, sneer looking up from his/ her greasy delicious snack long enough to call you FAT! Because in reality they are in utter denial about their fatness.

Next time on Korean MythBusters...

             Epic Korean LIES Myths                

Until next time...

Confucius say: Beware of of hillarious bullshit in the form of ignorance, you could end up in my next post. just kidding ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ :) ( sort of)


  1. not sure what your problem is, but you certainly do hate korean people a lot, im korean guy myself, and i just want you to know, first off, i am VERY curious about your purpose of creating this bizzare post, probably because either you are jealous about something, or you just had nothing else better to do, and second, you look like a complete tool.
    also, if you don't know anything about east sea/sea of japan issues, stay the heck away from it, because its a delicate issue that foreigners such as yourself won't understand.
    and you were saying korean people are all fat and ugly, and everyone in the country gets plastic surgery, WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE???
    if you don't like it, just shut the hell up and don't say a thing.
    so heres my suggestion, have this post removed as soon as possible, before someone else comes and read this post, and think how much of an ignorant arse you are.

  2. plus, as far as i have noticed, you have been in korea for a long period of time or something, if you hated korea so much, then why the blaze did you even bothered staying in that country?
    if you didn't liked it, you could've just packed your bag and flew off immediately, because i am pretty sure that people in korea wouldn't liked ignorant black skank such as yourself who shouldn't even make such horrible remark about other people.
    i was trying not to be racist, but you are just... worst form of racist i could possibly imagine.

    1. I don't understand why you are so angry about what that lady wrote... She isn't dissing Koreans, she's just saying that Korean is like everywhere else. I think she's doing it because foreigners tend to glamorize Korean a lot and probably ask her questions about it all the time, so she sets the records straight.

      I don't think she racist against Koreans... And if you are "trying" not to be racist then don't. No matter how low other people are (even though I don't think she's being low), don't be as low as them. Be the bigger person and address her arguments with arguments, not with "ignorant black skank"... You migh running the risk of sounding like the ignorant one...

      Just saying...

      I personally love my Korean friends and I think we have a lot to learn from Korean Culture. ^^ But the same goes for my American Friends, and Black friends (I am French)